Shared Text Styles

Free plugin to easily import and export your Text Styles in Sketch. Perfect for teams. Built for Sketch 40+

Export your Text Styles

To create a consistent typographic style throughout your project, it's a good idea to create an overview of the Text Styles you're going to use in your project.

When you defined your Text Styles, simply go to your Plugins → Shared Text Styles → Export Text Styles, to export your Text Styles to a .json file.

Import your Text Styles

When you've exported your Text Styles, you can import them into any Sketch document, so the typography is consistent.

Go to your Plugins → Shared Text Styles → Import Text Styles..., to import the Text Styles.

Re-Import your Text Styles

Typography is never done and changes quite a lot. Shared Text Styles let's you re-import Text Styles that overwrite their initial states, so you can keep on iterating.

Go to your Plugins → Shared Text Styles → Import Text Styles..., to re-import the Text Styles.

More coming soon!

More features are coming soon. If you have any questions, run into any bugs or have suggestions to improve the plugin: create an issue, hit me up on Twitter or send me an email. Feedback is always appreciated!

Shared Text Styles is made by Nils Hoenson, with help from Yummygum to improve sharing text styles across teams. Please help us by Sharing the plugin.